Thursday, November 26, 2009

Bday Bash Pics

Bday Photoshoot!

My bday!

was on november the 23rd.

I had a blast, my party was on november 20 and lots of my coolest friends were there.

There was a lot of planning behind that party...
I had a photoshoot, then making plans with the Dj who came from Spain.. and a lot of stuff...

this was my invitation...

Sunday, July 12, 2009

From California to Guatemala

So, I met this super cool guys from L.A. who came here for a summer tour with their band. I think they were supposed to stay for like 3 days and they ended up staying for a week and 3 days... It was an adventure.. I hung out with them every single day since the day I met them...

Everything started june 28. These 2 bands had a concert here. I was not in the concert or knew anything about it 'cause Im not part of the scene you know... (Im not a regular in punk-rock & hardcore shows... it's not my thing) ... So I was working and got a call from my cousin (who is in the scene) asking me If I could help him with my car driving some of the guys to his house I think.. or something like that....
I said yes, 'cause you know Im a super cool person....

Then, I went there and I saw all these cool guys, and I started to think.. hell yeah, Im glad Im here... haha...
Then a stupid thing happened and they were involved in a huge problem and the thing is that they got beat up and one of the bands (they were 2, Kyoko and Better Hope)... one of them, Kyoko, got a guitar stolen and all of their merch with the band money.... :( and Better Hope got their bass stolen :(

The thing is... after talking with the police and all that stuff... we went to my cousin's girlfriend house... the band members were super stressed and upset (they couldn't go on with the tour anymore) .... It was a frustrating night... at 12am my parents were calling me every minute to check on me.. so I decided to leave...
Not without a picture with the bands.. (I know, bad timing) but I thought I was never going to see them again... lol

So here they are.... I look really bad, but remember it was like 12am, and I had to work that day and... I was with my uniform.. kinda tired.. lol


Better Hope

So, that's the sunday story, Im gonna publish the next days stories when I feel like it! haha... more pics coming!...

love ya! ;)

Saturday, May 23, 2009


Let's be best friends??
That's what the band wants to be with their fans: BEST FRIENDS...
I think that's really cool 'cause best friends are always there for you! YAY!! haha

So, they are from Philadelphia and the band members are:

Eric Reavey - Vocals/Guitar

Evan Myers - Guitar/Vocals

James Robinson - Bass

Kevin Shishko - Drums

They are currently unsigned (I DONT KNOW WHY)... 'Cause they are pretty good.

Their single ¨ Our Shooting Stars Are More Like Satellites ¨ is awesome, and it's already on my Ipod, you can download it here:

Also, go add them:

and if you want to follow Evan on twitter go here:

follow James go here:

follow Eric here:

Kevin??? we need him to make a twitter account, I'll let you all know later...

So, what are you waiting for?? Go check them out and tell me what you think

Wish to be: On the moon... lol ;)

Friday, May 22, 2009


Kasey Smith is his name, and he's amazing.
He inspires you, he's all into making people happy and he loves smiles. Fact: You don't see that everyday, specially in this pessimist world we are living.

His music is pretty good, and you are going to like it.. I know you will....
I love all of his songs but if I have to pic one, it will be ¨Skin And Bones¨ ;) ;)

Wish to be: Drinking a coke.. lol ;)


Ok, Mel Martinez is a singer/songwriter from Orlando FL. He was born in Dallas TX and raised in Cancun Mexico. His musical aspirations began around the age of nine singing and writing lyrics. He is no stranger to performing, as he performed for the first time as a solo act with a band playing behind him at the age of eleven in front of a crowd of 600 people in a hotel in Cancun and other hotels while only in elementary school. In order to pursue his music career, Mel and his parents moved to Orlando Florida from Cancun. Soon afterwards Mel's parents gave him is first guitar. By the age of 17 he was successfully recording his songs at home.
Throughout high school he played and wrote numerous songs, especially in band class and choir in small soundproof rooms. Mel has also performed at several nightspots in Orlando and other cities throughout Florida. Since recording Mel has managed to attract a significant number of fans. His musical influences range from John Mayer, Tom Delonge to The Beatles and John Lennon. In the later part of 2008 Mel recorded his first debut E.P. "The Door Is Open" at Big Shot Studios in Orlando which is scheduled to be released in the early part of 2009. Mel continues to be open to new ideas and thus continues to write and record new songs on a daily basis.

Wish to be: In Orlando, wanna meet some good bands and artists there... ;)